What is SVF?

SVF is a static tool that enables scalable and precise interprocedural dependence analysis for C and C++ programs. SVF allows value-flow construction and pointer analysis to be performed iteratively, thereby providing increasingly improved precision for both.

What kind of analyses does SVF provide?



How to setup SVF?

Please download the source code of SVF and refer to this step-by-step guide to setup SVF.

How to run SVF?

SVF analyzes a program by taking the LLVM IR of the program as its input. Please refer to this user guide to run SVF with a simple example and generate the outputs of each analysis pass in your local machine.

Alternatively, we have also prepared a virtual machine image for you to run SVF on any machine with VirtualBox installed. Please refer to this step-by-step guide to try SVF in a VM.

How does SVF work internally?

Please refer to this wiki documentation, doxygen code manual and the following publications to understand the internal working of SVF.


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Any comments, contributions and collaborations are welcomed. Please contact Yulei Sui or Jingling Xue if you have any questions.